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Lighting for public places / 3 April 2018

New Bar Bianco Lattebusche in Sandrigo

On Monday, 12th February 2018 the new Bar Bianco Lattebusche in Sandrigo (VI) was inaugurated: a daring and original building designed by studio Rigoni & Bortolaso Architetti Associati.

With new point of sale and bar, Lattebusche wanted to modernize, both in the image and in the structure, the existing shop at this point obsolete.

To our company Hi.Project (Brillamenti® Officina della Luce) it has been given the delicate commitment of “making the structure alive” also during evenings and nights, without betray the design concept of the MILK WAVE.

Nuovo Bar Bianco Lattebusche a Sandrigo

Project Studio Rigoni & Bortolaso Architetti Associati

Everything started when at the end of the summer 2017 we were contacted by designers and by the Lattebusche representative Mr. Gianni Dolif to develop study and project of outdoor and indoor lighting for the new building.

During the first meeting in our headquarter in Feltre, the Arch. Luca Rigoni, Ing. Susy Maria Basso and Mr. Gianni Dolif shared with us the “vision” of the project with all the needed indications so that we could work in harmony with their conceived idea.

Their desire was to develop a “delicate” lighting that exalted the shape of the structure without causing light pollution.

After some tests and technical evalutations, we shared our proposal with our customer. Once approved, the proper lighting project started.

Below, divided by area, all the details about our work for the new Bar Bianco Lattebusche:
1) External facade lighting: the most representative element of the structure.

Objective: creating a lighting graduated shading whom intensity grow in the sign on the top right “Lattebusche”.
To obtain this effect we used the led floodlight Castello and Duomo.

2) Outdoor lighting: in the parking, in the car paths, in the pedestrian zones and in the entry.

Objective: lighting the points of interest leaving the rest in the dim light to crate and dynamic and scenographic lighting effect.
Used products: Reanuzza, Thun, Barra.

3) Indoor lighting: in the check-out path and in the bar zone.

Objective: obtaining a diffuse lighting in the entry, accurate and precise on the tables of the bar.
Used products: Anello, Cilindretto Slim

External outdoor lighting with study of the anti light pollution

Brillamenti thanks Lattebusche and Studio Rigoni & Bortolaso for having granted us the privilege to take part to the realization of this important project.

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