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Our history

A fusion of experiences

Hi Project S.r.l. was established in Italy in 2002 from the fusion of experiences of its founders, acquired in companies in sectors linked to applied mechanics and industrial design.

The idea was to join forces to create a young and dynamic company that established itself over time building the necessary foundations for its evolution.

In 2006 Hi Project, always well aware of environmental issues, turned its attention to the energy saving sector and conveyed its knowledge in the creation of led lighting systems: very low power consumption light fixtures, made entirely of recyclable materials.

The following year, Hi Project produced and introduced the first products that made up the embryo of the MYLED collection at the “Costruire” expo of Longarone (Belluno).

Designer LED lamps, entirely Made in Italy, the result of careful lighting design and skillful craftsmanship.

The collaboration with architects and design professionals boosted a conceptual evolution that led the company to a new way of thinking about light and its products. A few examples are the lamps created for Walt Disney and DuPont, along with other prestigious projects.

A key step in the creation of innovative lighting systems was the creation of the “LEDERA” lamp, pure expression of art and design (designed by the architect Cini Boeri), considered a piece placed on the thin line that combines art with industrial design.

This elaborate evolutionary process brought Hi.Project to create a new registered trademark, a trademark that would represent and protect its ideas and products.

Brillamenti was thus created

L’Officina della Luce

Brillamenti: a reference to the characteristic solar phenomenon, to nature, to beauty, to open minds and to the desire of doing and creating things.

A concept that releases energy, new ideas, evolution and renewal.

From My Led to Brillamenti. With the new brand, Hi Project fully expresses the concept of made in Italy products thanks to the industriousness of experts and artisans that interact, think, design and work just like in an old workshop: “the officina della luce”, the workshop of light.

Our philosophy

Good light
at the service of mankind.


There are two types of light: light that illuminates and the glare that obscures.

The psychophysical wellbeing of people is inherent in the philosophy of Brillamenti and led it to follow the concept of “good light at the service of mankind” with the knowledge of the new tasks that the latter has to fulfill in the relationship between individuals and the space where they live in.

It’s not just creating Led lighting systems where design, efficiency and comfort come together.

The Brillamenti brand expresses its own vision of light: light not only an end in itself, but a light that makes you feel good, flattering, a light that communicates with shadows, creating atmospheres that generate feelings and arouse emotions.

Light that is good to the environment because it’s made with materials that can be recycled an infinite number of times. Light that does not waste energy. Light as a result of a set of ideas and skills that give body to a concept making it usable.

Lighting system design & the design of light

Our method

Each lighting project has a story of its own: each solution developed by Brillamenti is the result of a different process, which takes into account the specific needs of the client and the characteristics that singularly and uniquely distinguishes every assignment that we take on.

Over time, we have developed an efficient and highly specialised work method, allowing us to offer our customers customised solutions designed specifically to meet their demands and that best respond to their needs. Each creation is based on a succession of recurring steps.

The design of lighting systems defines how to illuminate spaces and environments, both indoors and outdoors, exploiting the possibilities offered by Led lighting. A lighting project combines several aspects: from architecture to design, from visual comfort to ergonomics, from systems design to safety, from energy savings to overall economic assessments.

A complex work that is never the same, which starts when a customer contacts us and expresses the need to illuminate a given environment.

How we work

Listening to the customer is the first and most important phase of our work. This dialogue allows us to understand and interpret their needs and desires, it is an essential time to put into practice the idea of customised lighting systems. Once the meeting is over we draw up a preliminary offer which allows the Customer to make his/her first technical and economic assessment.
Once the task is assigned to us, we begin the lighting design phase. The latter requires an in-depth study of the spaces to be illuminated, with possible site inspection, and a detailed analysis of the technical and aesthetic choices. Then we draft the real design which will determine the number and placement of the lighting fixtures and the relevant switches.

The next phase is represented by illumination verification and the creation of a 3D render which is all the more likely a preview of the final result. The design ends with the final drafting of the technical – economic offer.

After the formal approval of the offer by the Customer, we commence the construction and assembly of light fixtures and delivery of the same. Upon request, we also provide an after sales support on site to facilitate the work of the installers.

The goal of Brillamenti is to make light an instrument that is a source of fascination,
recreating the vitality in spaces and areas where people spend most of their time,
a vitality like the reflection that the sun gives off on things.

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