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How to light home right | 5 useful suggestions

How to light home right? Let’s find out in the following article.

Have you ever asked if your home lighting is right or at the contrary needs to be fixed?

Or, maybe, you are going to built your own flat/house and you don’t know how to deal with the lighting solution.
Well, in the following article we are pleased to give you useful suggestions about how to light home right.

Lighting is an important point that influences our life. Don’t you think that after a long workday it would be grateful entering in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at home?

Here it is some useful suggestions about how to light home right.

1) Lighting only where you need without esagerating

It is a wrong the concept about “filling” of light every space at home.
To avoid unpleasant inconveniences with wrong lighting, it is recommended to take your time and understand effectively what are the ideal places to install the led luminaire at home.

2) The right lighting for every space

At home every space has got specific functions for us, therefore it is a matter of fact that lighting adapts to the different uses.

How? Here you are two examples:

  • In the living room, a place to relax, we can think to create light/shadow effects using dimmer lamps that allow us to manage the quantity of lighting in different parts of the living room according to our needs and mood.
  • In the bathroom it is more important to install a frontal light on the mirror paying attention not to blind. Whereas, for the bath/shower space we could create a relax atmosphere using narrow-beam lighting spots with the light/shadow effects or RGB colour lights “Chromotherapy effect” .

3) Take the inspiration from natural light to get the right light.

For the men psycophisycal well-being, the artificial light should ideally mirror the natural light with its light/shadow effects and colour tones depending on the kind of space.
Following this concept we could use a warmer light in relaxing rooms like the living room or the bedroom, and a more neutral light in working spaces like the kitchen.

Generally, for each space it would be crucial to avoid excessive lighting intensity for not causing visual stress.

4) Light and architecture go hand in hand

To create harmonics and relevant spaces, light and architecture are to be considered two interdependent elements.
If correctly arranged, the light will be able to give value to lines and details in every room.

5) Ask for advice to lighting designer

If you desire that your house will be correctly illuminated following all the above concepts, we suggest you to get in contact with an expert lighting designer: our Lighting workshop team is at your disposal for any requests or doubts that you may have.

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