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How to light the bathroom| Ideas advice of lighting bathroom |

How to light the bathroom?

Are you looking for advice-ideas about how to lighting the bathroom? Would you like to light the bathroom room and you are uncertain about what kind of bathroom lamps to choose?
Ok, in the following article we are talking about how to light bathroom with the aim to obtain the maximum light comfort.

Let’s start!

1) Functional lighting: lighting bathroom mirror

To use right each space of the bathroom we suggest you firstly to have a functional lighting.
For this reason the litghting bathroom mirror is very important: here we are going to install a frontal and diffuse light. Why? Because this solution allows you to project on the face a smooth light without shadows that may disturb you while you are mirroring yourself.

Regarding to lighting tone we suggest you to choose neutral white shade (3000K-4000k) for not modifying your skin colour.

Attention! The light must be intense but not blinding.

2) Useful light

Given this important aspect, the next step is analyzing if the obtained light is good as useful light.
If you need further led lighting sources an idea could be to place some recessed Led spotlights above the sanitation.
The quantity and the power of these led lighting sources may not be annoying but managed with accuracy because it could be used also as night lighting.

3) Scenographic and emotional lighting

Until that point we have talked about how to light the bathroom correctly as a useful light, but it is necessary to consider that the bathroom may become a perfect wellness area where you can relax.
In which way? Creating a scenographic and emotional lighting.

Without spending so much money you can adopt cromoteraphy effect light using water and umidity resistant RGB spotlights.

4) Managing the different lighting spot in the bathroom

Given this advice, a more technical suggestion is arranging different lighting spots to easily manage the areas in the bathroom, maybe with the possibility to regulate the intensity using a dimmer device.

In the case it is difficult to install an electrical system with different light switches, it could be a good idea to use a remote control to easily switch on/off/dimmer/manage the light as you like.

Quality, economical return and maximum attention to the environment

Talking about quality, we suggest you to:

– Choose LED lighting products built with high-quality recyclable raw materials; technically functional and highly performant products.

This advice for two important reasons:

They last longer allowing you to “forget” about the lighting. In case of breakdown, it won’t be necessary to substitute the entire lighting body, but only the damaged part. Highly performant products from the light performance that allow you to save energy. These two easy concepts will allow you to save money in the future amortizing the expenses.

– Living in an environment characterized by a maximized visual comfort; this aspect, absolutely not secondary, will affect in a positive way your psychophysical wellness.

If you are interested in this kind of products, please visit the Lighting page in our website.

– Defining a customized lighting project working together with specialists will bring you a perfect light as a result in accordance with your lifestyle and the environmental architecture. 

Understanding how to light the bathroom right is a very important aspect to live well in accordance with the environment.

To see how we work and know our team Lighting Laboratory please visit our Company page in our website.

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