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How to light up living room | Useful tips

Do you need to light up living room and do you want any tips and/or ideas? Don’t you know what kind of lamps you choose and where place them?

Here you are some good practice to properly light up living room.

First we have to consider 3 different aspects:

1) Space design
What kind of living room do we have to light up? Is it in contemporary/modern/country/industrial/scandinavian/shabby chic/classic, etc.. style?

2) Role of the living room
How do you use this space? Only for relaxing or also for having lunch, dinner, sudying, or for watching TV? Or maybe all these things together?

3) Choice of the type of lamp
What kind of lighting products would we like to use? Recessed spotlights, living chandeliers, applique, abatjour, floor lamps?

Then giving the answer to these preliminary questions, we can start to define the spaces to light up, to think about how to light them up and to find out, among those previously chosen, the spotlights and/or lamps that best adapt to our aim.

The next step is to determine the quantity of spotlights necessary for each area.

Done it all, we can say that surely we have a clear idea about the living room lighting, but are we sure to have solven our problem?

Let’s reflect…do we believe that the chosen products have a good quality and suitable to our aim? Do they make enough light? Do we succeed in creating the right atmosphere? Did we correctly consider the number of ignition?
Is the electrical system that we have arranged suitable for the kind of the chosen lighting? Ect..

If you know how to answer to those questions in an affirmative way, you are in the right way! However, if you need an opinion, if you have any doubts and/or if you aren’t sure about your choice, the Lighting Workshop Team are here to help you.
In which way? Using lighting bodies and led lamps that we realize, we can design a “tailor-made light” exclusively for you.

We will listen to your requests and needs, we will verify the lighting in the various spaces of your living room with lighting design project, we will show you a preview of the final result by a 3D Render and naturally we will supply you with the products that best adapt to your needs.

Hereunder we will show you some Brillamenti installations:

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