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Circular pendant light that illuminates with diffuse and comfortable light the surrounding space.

Three sizes available:

  • Big: 130cm
  • Medium: 100cm
  • Small: 70cm

Loop’s name wants to symbolize the idea of continuous and infinite movement of light flowing inside the lamp. Refined and minimal, this Led circular pendant light can be installed in different architectural contexts: for example in the living room, in the conference rooms, in the offices, in the hotel’s lobby, in the restaurants, in the bars, etc…
For interior of bar bianco Lattebusche (Sandrigo) we have installed all three lamp versions (lighting project is visible by clicking on the following link: Bar Bianco Lattebusche).
The possibility to choose the paint color allows you to customize Loop according to specific needs.

Ceiling hanging Led light body, aluminum and wood frame. Circle diameter available in three version: 1300mm, 1000mm e 700mm. It is provided with 2m white grey color streaked bipolar cable for the electrical connection.
Indoor installation on any rigid surface with specific steel cables.
Assembly with rapid hooking fixed on the ceiling by screws not supplied by us.
The specific characteristics of individual variants are found in the respective data sheets.