Lighting for Hotels
Lighting of the Hotel Al Bivio

It is in the panoramic context of the “Pale di San Martino” that the historic welcoming accomodation Hotel Al Bivio is located.

In 2016, the hotel has been subjected to significant refurbishment interventions that made the Hotel al Bivio a really welcoming modern and well-served place.

For this project our company was in charge of supervising the lighting of the areas to be refurbished.

In particular, our intervention concerned the lighting of both reception zone and the new wellness area of the hotel, hereunder the details:

1) Hotel’s reception

In the reception, we wanted to install warm white colour temperature Led product to make the location more comfortable and welcoming.
The custom study of lights placement was finalised to give value to all particulars, architectures and wood structures that  characterize the space.

In details we used following Brillamenti products: :
-For the wooden walls: applique double emission Klas, ZBowl lamp, ZBowl Mini lamp
-For the shelves: spotlight Spot
-In the floor: spotlight Loto
-On the ceiling: spotlight Spot

2) Hotel wellness area

With the primary goal of creating relaxing and pleasant contexts, in the wellness area we have developped two lighting scenographies: warm-neutral white for the relaxing area, RGB lights for emotional shower.

In the first scenery, the following products have been installed:
Close to the relaxing sits and sofas: ZBowl lamp
On the wooden shelves: Barra product
On the ceiling: spotlight Spot and product Barra
Above the sink: spotlight Spot and Barra product
In the bathroom mirror: ZBowl Mini lamp

In the next scenery, we have installed Barra Filo RGB within the emotional shower.

For this project, the use of a clear, conscious and accurate light has allowed to obtain environmental contexts that harmoniously engage with the emotional wellness of the man.

  • Customer: Hotel Al Bivio
  • Place: Imèr (Trento)
  • Year: 2016
  • Photo: Copyright Hotel Al Bivio
  • Electrical system: Maurizio Cosner & C.