Lighting for public places
Lighting for a wine bar

The wine bar Enoteca Contemporanea is located in Via XXXI Ottobre n. 26 in Feltre (Dolomites area), in the heart of the ancient town with Roman origins, almost entirely rebuilt after a disastrous war in 1500.

The Enoteca Contemporanea, owned by Paolo Grando, was designed by the artist, Luca Rento whose intention was to create a fined atmosphere that would bring to mind the tradition of the area through the use of local natural materials such as wood and stone of the Dolomites.

The lighting of the wine bar, handled by Brillamenti, called for a thorough study. The idea was to use lighting elements that would contrast the shapes and natural colours of the stone and wood: for this we made micro stainless steel floodlights with a clean and simple design and white polycarbonate tubular lamps, Zword. We intentionally left all black power cables exposed.

The lighting system with wireless controls guarantees a precise and targeted adjustment of the intensity of light in different areas of the bar, allowing the manager to create the right atmosphere while tasting good wine and savouring good food.

  • Project by: Luca Rento
  • Place: Feltre (Belluno)
  • Year: 2016
  • Photo: Luca Rento