Lighting for Hotel Mirabello

Lighting of the wellness centre Hotel Mirabello: light in harmony with man’s wellness

Hotel Mirabello is a welcoming accommodation located in Fiera di Primiero, an evocative town of the Trentino Alto Adige region surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites.
The recent renovation of the hotel’s wellness center inner space has requires the intervention of our team for managing the lighting.

Light in harmony with architecture

Our intervention has been developed in collaboration with the architect Lionello Pradegan who has planned the refurbishment.  Our aim was to create an emotional and relaxing scenography, where the light, in its various aspects, lived in perfect harmony with the furniture and the materials used in the various spaces.

How did we work?

To concretely reach our purpose, it was fundamental the choice of lighting bodies according to the type of scene to realise, the identification of their correct placement and the determination of the light tone color and of emission angles.

The result

As a whole all these decisions have allowed to obtain:  pleasant and relaxing atmospheres, light-dark effects, particular light’s cuts that mark original lines (as the so-called “ice falls”) and simulation of comforting  effect of solar light  in the windows.

Products used:

– Recessed T-Bar, warm and neutral light,
– Spotlight Spot, warm and color light (different emission angles),
– Floor Spotlight Loto, warm light.

  • Project by: Arch. Lionello Pradegan
  • Customer: Hotel Mirabello
  • Place: Fiera di Primiero (TN)
  • Year: 2016
  • Photo: Manrico Dell'Agnola