Lighting for public places
Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a gourmet restaurant in Milan serving delicious Chinese dishes with a modern twist.

The elegance and quality that make Dim Sum’s dishes stand out is also reflected in the style and architecture of the room realized by designer Carlo Samarati.

The use of precious and particular materials such as the Castellavazzo stone, the decor taken care even in the slightest detail, the sophisticated design and type of lighting created by Brillamenti, make Dim Sum a prestigious one of a kind contemporary restaurant, critiqued by the Gambero Rosso publishing house and numerous gastronomic magazines.

The lighting, designed to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere was made with the use of built-in 1 watt Spot Leds. Warm light and narrow-beam optics light up the dining tables, leaving the rest in a conciliatory dim-light that encourages conversation.

In addition to these products, the following were also used:

  • Barre with a blue light to enhance the chains that cover the walls of the restaurant
  • Loto for floor lighting
  • Smile to illuminate the indoor stairs
  • Zbowl Mini for the bathroom
  • Project by: Carlo Samarati
  • Customer: Ristorante Dim Sum
  • Place: Milano
  • Year: 2014
  • Photo: Courtesy of Dim Sum - foto Matteo Barro