Residential lighting
Wood house

The feature of this private home is the way it was built: it is a wood house built by Rubner (BZ), who excels in the production of high quality and sustainable prefabricated homes.

The lighting project designed by Brillamenti and the choice of our Led lamps and light fixtures were important in order to fully satisfy the customer’s needs and requests.

The desire was to create atmospheres to suit every room, creating different features to enhance both the interior rooms of the house (kitchen, living room, fitness area, bedrooms, etc.) and the exterior part of the house (entrance, pedestrian access, garage ramp, garden, house facades). For each space, we studied the best lighting solutions, using multiple products from our catalogue.

Since this was a prefabricated wood house we also provided the manufacturer with the technical drawings of all the areas affected by our project indicating the measurements necessary for the prearranged processes useful for the installation of our Brillamenti lights.

  • Customer: Privato
  • Place: Provincia di Belluno
  • Year: 2014
  • Photo: Copyright Roberto Zanette